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How Reducing Social Media Improved my Productivity


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Last year was successful for me in terms of achieving my goals. I received many questions about the techniques I used to reach my objectives. I’ve decided to share the two most effective steps I’ve found for achieving long-term goals: reducing my use of social media and closing mobile notifications. These are practical and proven methods that can help improve productivity and focus.

Reducing Social Media Use

The first step to achieving your goals is to take a good look at your habits, especially when it comes to social media. Have you ever wondered how much time you spend scrolling through your feeds?

One way to find out is by checking your phone’s analytics. Look at your social media apps and see how much time you spend on them. You might be surprised that you’re spending hours a day on social media. By reducing using social media, you can free up more time to focus on your goals.

According to the last update in Statista, the average spending time on social media was around 2 hours and 27 minutes per day in 2022. That’s a significant amount of time that could be better spent on other activities or working towards our goals. Take a moment to reflect on your own social media habits. How do they compare to the average? Let me know in the comments below.

Then What happened??

After realizing how much time I spent on social media, I knew I had to change. I decided to control my time and close all my social media accounts. It was a difficult but necessary step for me. I took the social media time and used it to focus on my professional development. I dedicated one hour daily to learning and developing data science and analysis.

This decision helped me achieve my goals and realize the importance of being mindful of how we spend our time. By reducing social media usage, I focused on what was truly important and achieved significant progress toward achieving my goals. See my achievements in Datacamp last year.

My Learning Progress in Datacamp during 2022

Closing Mobile Notifications

I used to be constantly interrupted by notifications on my mobile phone. It affected my ability to focus on learning and my productivity in general. I decided to control my attention and close all mobile notifications. This simple step impacted my ability to focus and improve my productivity. I was able to spend more time on a task and get it done in less time. I strongly advise you to give it a shot and observe how it affects your productivity and focus.

By closing mobile notifications, we can reduce distractions and improve our attention span (the amount of time a person can focus on a task before getting distracted), allowing us to focus on the task at hand for more time. Improving your attention span will make you more focused than most people, which gives you a significant advantage over your competitors. It’s a simple yet powerful step that can help you achieve your goals and improve your productivity and quality of life.

What can you accomplish in one hour each day?

I was a little dubious when I first committed to spending an hour each day working toward my objectives. I never imagined what can I do in such a short time. But as I persisted, I was astounded by what I would do. I was able to complete tasks that I never imagined being able to.

Of course, life isn’t perfect, and there were some days when I didn’t act proactively, but on other days I was super active. Overall, the one-hour-per-day strategy was a great success for me, and I highly recommend giving it a try.

I spent one hour per day on learning and personal development, but you can use this time for any goal you have in mind. It can be learning a new language, improving fitness, building savings, or something else. The possibilities are endless.

Use The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. It is a simple and effective technique that can help you increase your productivity and focus. This technique consists of 25-minute sprints with 5-minute pauses in between, which can help you stay focused and minimize distractions.


In conclusion, this is what I did, and I recommend you to start now trying it to see massive achievements in the long run:

  1. Close unnecessary social media accounts.
  2. Close my mobile notifications.
  3. Assign a fixed minimum of one hour per day (as possible) for development.
  4. Use The Pomodoro Technique during my development sessions (keeping my mobile away).

I encourage you to give it a shot and see the difference it can make in your life. Take the first step today to achieve your goals. Let me know in the comments how it goes and what you achieved.

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