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Shine in Competitive Tech World: Personal Branding Tips


Welcome to the World of Personal Branding in Tech!

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Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting in the industry, building an effective personal brand can help you stand out and advance in your career.

In this article, I will share my experience and insights from my learning journey in data science and analysis. And provide practical tips that apply to any tech role. We’ll explore the importance of having a clear personal brand, the power of LinkedIn and GitHub, and how to hack algorithms to boost your visibility. So, let’s get started!

Building Your Personal Brand

Creating a unique image or persona that sets you apart from others in your field is the essence of personal branding. Personal branding is essential in today’s competitive tech industry, where the personal brand can make you more noticeable to prospective clients and employers.

Developing your personal brand entails identifying your strengths and unique value proposition. And creating a cohesive brand image across all online platforms, such as your portfolio website and social media profiles.

Personal branding isn’t only essential for finding new job opportunities or clients; it can also enhance your global reach, which is particularly advantageous for professionals in developing countries.

In the following sections we will outline straightforward strategies for building a personal brand on LinkedIn and through your portfolio website. These tips are practical and easy to apply, enabling you to enhance your brand immediately.

Leveraging LinkedIn’s Features for Career Growth

LinkedIn has become an indispensable platform for professionals, especially in the tech industry. With its vast network of users and features tailored for career growth, LinkedIn revolutionized how we connect, network, and find job opportunities.

As someone who has been on LinkedIn for over 16 months, amassed over 3600 connections, and achieved a top 2% ranking on LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI), I’ve seen firsthand the power of LinkedIn when it comes to personal branding, expanding your network, and finding new career opportunities.

However, I’ve also noticed that many professionals in tech struggle to fully utilize LinkedIn’s potential, which can result in missed opportunities. I will share some simple and practical tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile, build your personal brand, and leverage LinkedIn’s features for career growth.

Hacking LinkedIn’s Algorithm: Maximize Your Profile’s Visibility

If you want to maximize your visibility on LinkedIn, here are some quick and practical tips to help you hack the algorithm and boost your profile’s performance:

  1. Your Headline is the Key
    • The headline is the first thing people see when they come across your profile in the search results.
    • Craft a headline that accurately reflects your professional brand and expertise.
    • Use relevant keywords that align with your career goals and industry, and keep it concise.
    • Make sure to update your headline regularly to keep it fresh and relevant.


  1. Complete Your Profile

    • Completing your LinkedIn profile is crucial for maximizing your visibility.
    • Put all relevant work experience, education, skills, and achievements.
    • Add a professional profile photo and background image.
    • LinkedIn algorithms prioritize profiles that are fully completed and have more relevant information.
  2. Share Your Portfolio Link

    • Make sure to add your portfolio link under your headline.
    • This way, when someone clicks on your profile, they can easily see your work and have a better understanding of your skills.
    • You can add your portfolio link from Edit intro > Website.
  3. Activate Creator Mode

    • Increase your visibility by activating Creator Mode.
    • Showcase your content at the top of the feed and automatically increase your followers.
    • Connect with like-minded professionals and gain more exposure for your posts.
    • You can do this from View Profile > Resources > Creator Mode.
  4. Add Relevant Contacts

    • Connect with people who can add value to your network.
    • Start by adding colleagues, industry peers, and people you've worked with before.
    • Use LinkedIn’s search filters to find people based on job titles, companies, or locations.
    • Add people from different countries to expand your reach.
  5. Sharing is Caring

    • Share your learning journey, experiences, and tips without hesitation.
    • Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts; there are people on a similar journey who would benefit from your posts.
    • Reactions and engagement will help make your posts more visible on LinkedIn.

Boost Your Visibility with LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI)

One way to measure your success on LinkedIn is through the Social Selling Index (SSI), which measures your effectiveness in building your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights, and building relationships. Following the steps above can help increase your SSI score and improve your visibility on the platform.

To see your SSI, sign in to your LinkedIn account in the browser, then click this link: https://www.linkedin.com/sales/ssi. Below is my SSI.

My LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI)

By consistently improving your SSI score and engaging with your network, you can maximize your profile’s visibility and increase your chances of being discovered by potential employers, clients, and collaborators.

Building a Strong Portfolio to Showcase Your Skills and Experience

GitHub is one of the best platforms for showcasing your coding abilities and contributions to open-source projects. Start by creating a profile on GitHub and uploading projects, code snippets, or contributions to open-source projects. Include detailed descriptions of each project, so potential employers or clients can understand your work. For example, I included all the Datacamp‘s guided projects that I did in this repository.

Another way to showcase your skills is by building a personal website or utilizing other portfolio platforms such as Datacamp or Kaggle. Use these platforms to display projects that demonstrate your abilities. Don’t be afraid to include projects you’ve worked on during your studies or any personal projects.

In summary, developing your portfolio is essential for showcasing your skills and expertise. Platforms like GitHub and personal websites can help you create a comprehensive portfolio that sets you apart from other candidates.


In today’s digital age, having an effective online presence is crucial for anyone looking to advance their career or expand their professional network. By following the tips in this article, you can improve your LinkedIn profile, showcase your skills and expertise through a portfolio, and boost your visibility with LinkedIn’s SSI. While these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg, they can serve as a starting point for anyone looking to stand out in the job market.

Remember, time management is the key to achieving success, and in my other article: How Reducing Social Media Improved My Productivity, I’ve shared my best secret to being more productive. Additionally, don’t be afraid to continue learning and researching ways to improve your online presence.

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below. Also, share your SSI score with us, so we can all learn from each other’s progress. Together, we can all become superstars!

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